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Obtaining a S.C. Marriage License

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What is needed to be Married in the State of South Carolina?


You must first obtain a South Carolina Marriage License in order to be legally married. Once the license is issued your wedding ceremony may be performed anywhere in the state. You may apply for your marriage license through any South Carolina county. You do not have to wait until you arrive at Myrtle Beach. South Carolina licenses are legal to use anywhere in the state and not restricted to the county received.


Where to obtain your South Carolina Marriage License?


Here are the county offices closest to the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area. 


Horry County Probate Court

1301 Second Avenue 

Conway, SC 29526


License Fees:

Horry County Residents - $50.00, In-State Residents - $75.00, Out of State Residents - $115.00

Georgetown County Probate Court

401 Cleland Street

Room #140

Georgetown, SC 29440


License Fees:

Georgetown County Residents - $55.00, In-State Residents - $75.00, Out of State Residents - $115.00


How to go about getting your South Carolina Marriage License?


This is the basic process for obtaining your marriage license, although each county may vary in requirements. Please check with the county. 


  1. File a Marriage License Application in person at the Probate Court Office

  2. Provide the proper Identification (check with the specific county on the identification requirements.)

  3. Pay the Application Fee according to the county fees

  4. Observe a 24 Hour Waiting Period

  5. Pick up your Marriage License from the Probate Court Office


Reminder:  Every couple is required to observe a 24 hour waiting period prior to their license being issued. In simple terms, from the time your application is filed it will be 24 hours before the court will issue your marriage license. It is important to remember the Probate offices are only open Monday-Friday and check each county for its normal business hours. 

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